Monday, January 9, 2012

Ukulele Love Song music video, y'all!

2012 has already gotten off to great start.

I admit I was feeling a little overwhelmed after the last quarter of 2011, which was amazing but also so jam-packed busy that it left my poor little Angie batteries drained.  But then I went and realized I had THE best fans, family, and friends in the whole world after you guys helped me to reach my $1k goal with the IndieGoGo project!  With the help of the project and some other donations from my super generous circle of peeps, I now have the fundage to record a fantastic EP for you guys.  I will keep you posted as those efforts progress.

Also, I promised y'all that if I made it to $1k via IndieGoGo that I would release a new song and accompanying music video.  Well, my mama raised me to be a woman of my word, so I went and did just that.

I was going for a specific aesthetic with this one. It's a song about crazy/stupid love from afar, so naturally I thought, "Well, obviously, it needs to be a crazy YouTube fangirl video." Or, you know, my own tongue-in-cheek version of that. I wanted to keep it lo-fi -- me and my FlipCam on a random Wednesday, playin' dress-up and dancin' around in my underwear (actually that's a fairly typical day for me). And I wanted it to be just the right combination of earnest, heartfelt, playful, and totally psycho/silly. I think that, between my insane shenanigans and the absolutely fierce editing work of my dear friend Catherine Anastasia Nelson (who also worked on the Right Into You vid), we pulled it off.

If you dig the tune, you can motor on over to the right side of this page and sign up for my mailing list, which will give you access to a FREE download!

I hope you like the vid. And the song. And, you know, tell all your friends. And thanks a million, y'all, for helping me kick it off right this year.

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