Friday, July 6, 2012

On the Road: Johnny Rockets Lounge

Angie Atkinson Kelly Fragale Six Flags Johnny Rockets Lounge
All photos by April Brown

This whole tour has been a labor of love. Personnel changes, scheduling snafus, logistical nightmares. There was even one venue that went out of business a month before tour. It was almost like the universe was daring me not to do it. But I stood up and said, "You know what, universe? Poopy on you." And I dove head first and hit the road.

Guitarist Kelly Fragale, tour manager April Brown, and yours truly braved the tear-inducing traffic of the George Washington Bridge and made our way up to Queensbury, NY, where we played our first gig, Johnny Rockets Sports Lounge at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge. We were immediately met with obstacles: small crowd, no readily available electrical outlets, a new PA system that we'd just bought and were guinea pigging, and a Yankee game to compete with for audience attention. At first it seemed almost like a cartoon drawing of the Most Awkward Gig Imaginable.

But it was amazing.

Angie Atkinson Six Flags Johnny Rockets LoungeAngie Atkinson Six Flags Johnny Rockets Lounge

The PA sounded great, we got tips, we sold two EPs, three people signed up for the mailing list, and we even got 'em all to turn away from the Yankee game! Plus, after the crowd had cleared out, the bartender, staff, and their friends stuck around and listened to Kelly and me just jam for awhile, taking turns sharing songs and stories. It couldn't have been more fun or memorable.

I also got to sport one of the fabulous pieces made for me to wear on tour by Rachael Oglesby of softspoken. SO gorgeous. Thank you, Rachael!

Oh, and the best part? THE most comfortable beds ever. Thanks, Six Flags and Johnny Rockets, for getting us started off right!

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